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Using Flutter in the Enterprise environment

Flutter Warsaw #13

After a short break, we are back, not only thanks to the Flutter Warsaw event, but we are also celebrating Flutter Day which took place a few days ago. Thanks to that we are more than glad to present to you two great talks. One of our speakers, Jakub Biliński, gave a talk “ An in-depth analysis of using Flutter in the enterprise environment”. Jakub is the software engineer at ING Bank Śląski. He managed one of the largest FinTech applications in Flutter. That was a difficult project that required compliance with all standards and restrictions coming from the banking domain. What is more, for this industry, technologies that are not thoroughly tried and tested are discouraged. 

In this talk you can see:

  • comparison of cross-platform mobile frameworks that could be used to rebuild the bank app
  • choosing the right architecture for huge, scalable application - BLoC
  • adjusting to the deployment process in the FinTech industry
  • writing own tooling for enterprise applications
  • adjusting to the deployment process in the FinTech industry
  • maintaining a large amount of assets with code generation and static typing


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