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The Powers of Immutable State

Flutter Warsaw #12

We continue our online tradition from the last meetup, also hoping that it will change and we can meet face to face as soon as possible on the next Flutter Warsaw Meetup. In the 12th meetup edition agenda, the first presentation covers the very popular topic which is state management, but this time we will talk about immutable state. In mobile development, it is almost impossible to work without a mutable state. In very complex examples we can face unwanted behaviour, so that we can consider making at least part of our state immutable. Matt Rešetár also known as Reso Coder will introduce you to this immutable state strategy and show us how to use this approach in state management. 

Presentation contains: 

  • What is an immutable state
  • Approach to creating an immutable state
  • When and where we can use it
  • Pros and cons of immutability
  • Simple to advance examples
  • Livecoding session


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