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What a Flutter! Or what makes it so performant

Flutter Warsaw #11

One of the most popular topics in the Flutter community is performance, and the Flutter framework does an excellent job being fast by default. You've probably read a lot of articles about how Flutter compares to other mobile development technologies and if you think how it stands out from the other frameworks you're in the right place. In the second part of the 11th edition of Flutter Warsaw Razvan Lung will show us how Flutter is so performant. We will take a look behind the Flutter engine and see how the Garbage Collector works.

Presentation contains:

  • How Flutter is structured
  • Why Dart is a really good language for Flutter
  • What is the Garbage Collector in Dart and how does it work
  • What is the Garbage Collectors Young Space Scavenger
  • How to Mark and Sweep works
  • How Flutter renders his layouts
  • The Livecoding session

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