FVM- Building a cross-platform dev tool with Dart & Flutter

Flutter Warsaw #14

After a short break we are getting back to you with a new video!

Today at the first part of this meetup, we are glad to introduce to you Leo Farias. Leo started his programming journey early in childhood, and through his experience, he brought a solution to a possible issue you may have encountered if you are a Flutter developer (and not only). When you have two or more projects with different Flutter SDK version, and you want to easily switch between them, here is the moment where Flutter Version Manager comes in. This tool provides us with simple CLI and GUI manager for Flutter SDK versions, function which works like Channels, but in a more handy way. Below you can see what can it do: 

  • Provides multiple versions of Flutter SDK cached on your machines
  • Fast switch between Flutter versions and channels
  • Set a global version of Flutter across projects
  • Can use different Flutter version per project or even per branch of your projects
  • Different FMV configurations in projects
  • Menage and view all Flutter version installed locally


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