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Fluttering at 60 FPS

Flutter Warsaw #10

At the second presentation 10th edition of Flutter Warsaw Meetup we’ll take a close look at app performance and it’s optimization. If you are here, you might already know, that Flutter tries to provide us really smooth animations, 60 FPS (frames per second) or even 120 FPS rendering on devices that are capable of it. And it’s really good at it, in most scenariosof course, if we don’t fall into some pitfalls. But if we do, we need to know how to avoid such things. The answer to that question you’ll find out in this video, as well as:

  • What is “under” the Flutter engine;
  • How Flutter renders widgets;
  • Basic tips for optimizing your app;
  • What to do if your app is “slow”; 
  • How to avoid common traps;
  • Approach to performance debugging;
  • Build-in debugging tools.


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