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When 2019 is coming to an end, it’s time for some initial conclusions and afterthoughts.

For our mobile team LeanCode it’s been a hell new ride experience with the full adoption and embracement of Flutter, the no-longer-new cross-platform development framework for iOS, Android Web & Desktop applications. In the beginning, this journey was quite steep and it is not the learning curve I mean. We couldn’t find the peers ready to review the apps and ideas. It was really hard to find anybody being professionally involved in Flutter development at all.

Yet, at the year’s end, it became clear, that at a scale we were accompanied not by some random individuals here and there, but by the army of great contributors, like-minded professionals who devoted themselves into building what is the fastest growing language (Dart)

and 2nd (after AspNetCore) fastest growing open source projects for 2019 according to the newest report from Github.

And there is only one thing more striking than this position of Flutter&Dart in Github’s report. It is the pace at which this exponential growth took place.

Let me show you the numbers.

Although React Native is still the most popular cross-platform framework with 82,4K stars (vs. 78.7K of Flutter) on Github, and 18,6K commits (vs 16,4) it may not last forever, due to the rapid, hockey-stick growth of Flutter popularity. This speed is greatly fuelled by 13K contributors (vs. 9.1K in RN), which means that it might be still in 2019 when we witness the rise of the new leader.

What does it mean for the digital folks? I personally believe this force is already unstoppable. We are receiving more and more testimonials not only from startups but also remarkable brands such as Groupon and BMW and surely some of them will be displayed during upcoming Flutter Interact on 11th Dec.

This means that 2020 might indeed be the Flutter’s year, with some advanced applications designed for huge traffic coming to the stage.

This also means, that for anybody who seriously considers conquering the mobile world, Flutter is a must on their shortlist of possible solutions.

Fortunately, it’s still not too late to catch up.

You can still have your app developed in the best possible way. You can learn more about Flutter during what is the grand opening of the Flutter’s year during Flutter Europe (www.fluttereurope.dev), first of its kind truly global conference dedicated exclusively to Flutter.

We are extremely proud at LeanCode to be the Organizers and Cofounders together with our friends Katarzyna Cena-Pietrak, Natalia Wódka, Marcin Szałek, Krzysztof Sroka, Rafał Ślósarz and Dominik Roszkowski of this festival of innovative mobile solutions.

The journey we’ve taken almost a year ago has already exceeded our expectations with more than a dozen of professional apps developed in Flutter @LeanCode during 2019. We have also founded, what is currently one of the biggest Meetups in the Europe — Flutter Warsaw, with the regular monthly talks given by the most respected community leaders. Yet, I feel that this is only the initial step into the new, great adventure starting at FlutterEurope, Jan 2020, Warsaw, Poland.




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