Arbify - a quick overview of a Flutter localization made easy

Flutter Warsaw #13

After a short break, we are back, not only thanks to the Flutter Warsaw event, but we are also celebrating Flutter Day which took place a few days ago. Thanks to that we are more than glad to present to you two great talks. The first one will be presented by Albert Wolszon. Albert is a young, very talented, aspiring developer. He will present to you his project, which he has been working on in his free time. Almost every developer has to localize their apps because of their multilanguage nature. There are several options on how you can do this and each of them has its pros and cons but Albert decided to come up with his own solution. That is how Arbify was born. Arbify is Albert’s approach to internationalized apps. In his presentation you will see: 

  • What is Arbify and how it works
  • Pros and cons of this solution
  • Why should you choose Arbify instead of others
  • Quick demo with the Hello world project


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